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Medical/Counseling Staff

Posted on 20 May 2020 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Janice Soran, M.D., D.V.M. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Perrin Arc
Edited on on 24 May 2020 @ 6:58pm

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Medical Conference Room
Timeline: 1030 Feb.28 2389


Emerson entered the conference room, placing her coffee cup down on the table at her customary seat. The department had experienced many changes as of late, and she was looking forward to this regular get together to divide and conquer department responsibilities.

Janice was nursing a cup of oolong tea as she walked into the Conference room. “Good morning,” she said almost choking on the overly hot tea. “Damn replicator got my tea to hot AGAIN!” Sitting down she looked at Emerson, “How are you feeling today Doctor Emerson?”, Janice asked, fanning her open mouth.

Wyndsor winced in sympathy when she saw Soran apparently burn her mouth. “I’m well, thank you. Are you all right? Maybe Engineering should look at the replicator. You should be able to set the temperatures for your tea via the replicator.”

“Yes, I will but, I think it was partially my fault. I neglected to give the temperature as I normally do,” Janice replied.

Perrin Arc walked into the Medical Conference Room to see a lithe brunette burn her mouth on some delicious smelling tea and try to greet Doctor Emerson. He smiled and waited to offer her his hand when she had collected herself.

Doctor Amiri Aldana had just about reached the end of hir shift when s/he’d been called to a mandatory medical conference. S/he was sure s/he didn’t know what this was about, but hir nose was filled with delicious scents of warm beverages, so upon entering, s/he stopped at the replicator on one end of the room to order a lavender/rodden-berry black tea. With Sombra at hir side, s/he rounded the corner and greeted everyone. “Hello crew!” S/he set hir beverage down and started with Arc whom s/he kind of recognized and offered him a hug first.

Perrin Arc hugged Amiri back, with a smile, but then focused on Doctor Soran, who he’d not met. “I’m Doctor Perrin Arc,” the dark trill said, “I like tea as well.”

“Wyndsor Emerson,” the counselor responded in turn. They were a small enough group that perhaps introductions weren’t necessary for practical reasons, but it was socially important. “I’m more of a raktajino woman myself or if I’m looking for something sweet, a Mocha Frappé.” She turned toward the door. “I intended to meet with all of you, but did any of you invite anyone else?”

“It is just basically the medical staff with the counselor I believe,” Janice added, smiling at those gathered. I figured we could talk and toss ideas around about how to do sickbay a little different. I noticed that we have two DVM’s here as well. I was thinking we might be able to setup a Vet. Clinic for the pets and rescued animals. There is enough room for that, and I was thinking that maybe we could setup…say something like a MASH unit. You know a unit that could be dispatched in a heartbeat, equipment and all?” Janice said not sure the idea would catch on.

Perrin nodded. “Both are great ideas. As Chief Counselor, I can help direct my staff to the MASH unit and even help in the Vet Clinic if necessary, but I will not be able to leave the ship without a direct command from the Captain. I have office hours to keep and such.”

“I’d be happy to offer my services for the specialized emergency medical unit,” Emerson replied. “It makes sense there should be a counselor regularly available to handle any crisis counseling required, and I agree, you may be regularly on the bridge during such crises,” she added, turning toward Perrin.

Aldana sat quietly and observed; Sombra at hir bare digigrade feet. S/he felt joyful at the hug s/he’d received from Doctor Arc. S/he felt pretty sure s/he’d made suggestions like these before, only to have had them ignored. S/he decided to shake this off however and move on. “We’ll need someone to spearhead these ideas if we’re to move forward. I’d be glad to head the vet clinic, and I might even be able to head the M*A*S*H, but I can’t do them alone. If we’re to set up a clinic some of the equipment, we’ll need will need to specialize for the unique body types of the potential clients. We may even need a variety of sizes.”

“That’s not my field, but I think that’s agreeable.” Perrin added. “I’ll note to the counseling staff that psychology and emotional health may vary in appearance from species to species and stay up on their research.”

Janice looked at her friends and nodded in agreement. “Yes, I agree with Aldana on needing different sizes of certain equipment. Let’s not forget that if we do setup a MASH unit, it must be able to move fast and set up fast at the new location just to handle the incoming patients. Part of that unit will also need a vet on call as well. We have rescue dogs and other rescue animals of different types and like humans, they will need medical help. That being said, the equipment must be portable and have its own power supply. Now added to the MASH unit we are gonna need a counselor on call with the unit, so someone is gonna need to be ready to bug out with the group,” she finished her speech.

Perrin nodded. “That brings us to another matter, Doctor,” He said. “I’m starting mentoring courses for the counselors here that will be focused on the growth of our staff in skill and understanding. I have seen that this is needed. In addition to Lieutenant Emerson, who I am sure would be willing to go on away missions, I can offer a young counselor I am bringing on. His name is Ensign Owen Grennel.”

“Very good. Now that we have the basics of what we need, problem is how do we make it happen and where?” Janice said thinking.

Amiri leaned forward, s/he thought s/he had a pretty good suggestion. “In the past Starfleet has been able to utilize the transporters in order to leave someone or something suspended for a long period of time. I believe the famous Captain Montgomery Scott was able to survive, suspended in a transporter buffer, for something like three-quarters of a century. Replicators utilize similar techniques. Could we store the transporter patter of a MASH hospital setup in a transporter buffer that way?”

Amiri’s expression looked slightly excited as s/he thought of another possibility. “Has anyone read up on the progression of mobile hole-technology? What if we tried to produce a hospital program that could be contained in some sort of mobile holodeck?”

Janice’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. “Yes……yes that is a very good idea and suggestion. It is something to take up with engineering. Doctor Amiri, I will give you the honors of doing that. Work with engineering to see if they can make it happen,” Janice said smiling.

Doctor Aldana cringed, at the misuse of hir personal name as hir surname. S/he wasn’t sure the best way to correct her, but they were a small, forgiving group of medically oriented comrades; it wasn’t as if they were in front of the captain, or even an admiral. Aldana leaned forward and whispered softly, “my surname is my last name, it’s Aldana.” Then in a normal voice, s/he continued, “thank you doctor, I’m glad you appreciate my ideas, I’ll get right on it.”

Emerson listened to the discussion of future plans with interest. She didn’t have much engineering experience, but she could see the value in a holographic medical facility. Instead, she turned her attention to somewhere else she could be of use. “I’d like to volunteer to serve as a mentor to our junior counselors in the meantime. I can think of several areas where refreshers could be useful.”

Janice looked at Emerson, “That is a very good suggestion and idea. I whole heartedly agree, and you have free reign in so doing, Doctor Emerson. It would be greatly appreciated,” Janice announced.

“Is there anything else you want my staff to be aware of, Doctor Soran?” Perrin asked.

“No, I think that covers it unless I missed something,” Janice said smiling.

“Splendid,” Perrin said, “then with all due respect, I must be off. You all know where to find me.” With that, the Chief Counselor left the room.

Aldana reached down and ruffled Sombra’s ears briefly before s/he spoke up one last time. S/he smiled light-heartedly hoping the other would take it thus, “Sombra would like to make sure the veterinary portions of the holo-MASH are suitably stocked with a variety of treats. Food can go along way to help sooth a scared and wounded quadruped… perhaps even confectionaries, minors seem to like them as well.” S/he smiled around the room.

Lt. Janice Soran, MD, DVM
Chief Medical Officer

Arc, Perrin. Lieutenant Commander. Starfleet,
Chief Counselor

Lieutenant (JG) Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D.
Assistant Chief Counselor

Aldana 365, Amiri. Lieutenant. Starfleet,
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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