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Parkour, Park or, Hello Again

Posted on 25 Apr 2020 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: After Cold comfort mission completion

The previous holo-deck meeting with Ensign Steven Bernard had turned out to be a very pleasant interaction. Halona had invited him to join her for some running over a parkour run. She had promised him breakfast for afterwards if he was willing, she hadn't mentioned she would be bringing the breakfast in a picnic basket, complete with thermos of coffee, tea, milk and a few other choices. The selection of muffins ranged from banana and chocolate chip, apples and cinnamon, lemon and spice, rulanberries and fresh strawberries. Though if he wasn't a fan of muffins, well she would walk with him to the lounge and go from there.

Bernard wasn't pacing this time, but he was jumping instead. But then he decided pacing was better. He needed to conserve his energy. He shot down the voice that was telling him he knew nothing about Parkour by facing the door to the holodeck and saying "Computer, open holodeck 13a."

While Halona waited for him to arrive she used her nervous energy to make some paper origami flowers in various tones of red, gold, indigo, and cerulean each with stems of made of emerald green, the last flower she made was an orchid of white and cerulean blue with a jade green stem, she looked up from her seat on the picnic table with attached benches, and smiled at Steven Bernard. She set aside the flower and stood up to greet him. "Good morning."

The park, had a variety of trees various started of fall spelender oak trees cedar trees red woods elm and a lot of maple trees. There were walking paths and the opening for the parkour part had an archway with pink azaelas interwoven in it, other cultivated flowers were scattered around various groups of trees from tea roses to tulips, hyacinth and lilies, the flowers near the picnic bench that Halona had been sitting at were two tone roses yellow and cerulean blue. She was wearing a simple long sleeved black t shirt that had a few colorful dragonflies running down her left side. Her jegging pants were black and had a line of Andorian orchids running down her left side. Her running shoes were black with cerulean blue laces. Her hair was pulled back in a french twist style braid.

Bernard took a second to take in the scene. He never got used to how the Holodeck took him from his world to another. The differences seemed so beautiful in their severity. He took her in too. The outfit highlighted her curved strengths and the color of her eyes. He very much wanted to touch her hair, but shoved down that feeling. Then noticed the picnic basket and the paper flowers. He realized that she had made them as she had almost dropped one as she stood, almost jumping from her place on the picnic bench.

Do you want her because she is wonderful, or is she wonderful because you want her?

"Good morning!" he said, and went in for a side-hug.

Halona returned the gentle hug with a smile up at him.

"You made these?" he said, "They are beautiful. My I touch them?"

Halona offered him the closest origami flower, an orchid of white and cerulean blue with a jade green stem, "Origami is the art of folding paper, you can have any of them you like." She said softly blushing slightly. She hadn't realized she had been so nervous that she basically created a bouquet of brightly colored paper flowers.

Bernard took the orchid and turned it over in his hand, taking it in. He then set it on the left breast of his exercise coveralls, where a pocket would be on a suit. He smiled at Halona.

"When I heard 'parkour,' I thought we would find ourselves in the Divergent film or some other gray, dystopian place." Bernard said, "Where are we, the Garden of Eden?"

Halona shook her head softly, "It's a combination of parts of the various parks I have seen on Earth, Bajor, Trill and few extra flowers thrown in because I like them." She shrugged lightly, "I haven't seen the film Divergent, is it a good one?"

Bernard sighed. "I loved it. It's basically about a--" he wondered how much he should spoil it--"an Amish girl who decides to join the Humanist warrior cast of her culture and other stuff happens--"he waved away his thoughts, "the sound track is fabulous--what would you like to do first?" Then he realized he didn't know how to do Parkour--"And how do you do it?"

Halona nodded as he spoke about the film and his questions about parkour. "Parkour is basically a way of jogging or running that you add jumping or climbing, though some folks prefer just base jumping levels. I personally jog over paths and jump over minimal raised beams or walking over them. There's no right or wrong way really just enjoying the moment is what I try to do." She said hoping that she wasn't over explaining to the point of bordem.

Bernard sighed in relief. "Ah," he said, "So we won't be dodging any evil robots or shady police officers? Good. Wild beasts though?"

Halona laughed softly, "Maybe some squirrels birds or occasional holographic person with a dog or cat but nothing else." she paused adding "I mean unless you want to edit the program to add robots or shady officer of the law?"

Bernard smiled and popped his black hand up as if he was physically knocking the notion aside as he might a mosquito.

"Heck, no!" he said, "this is your space. You choose what happens here. It's more interesting to be in your mind for me anyway. Robots-shmobots." His slight German accent and the speed of his delivery made him sound a like a mad scientist. But a happy one.

Halona laughed softly shaking her head, "Okay then, if you're ready? Let's go!" She turned walked around the picnic table and bench to start a light jog towards the parkour pathway underneath the archway with the pink azaelas.

The path was full twists and turns around the various trees with every five feet a small beam or grouping of rounded rocks were set to jump or climb over. One beam set zigzagged and Halona ran across the beams at the connecting corners. The path brought them around the whole park going past the lake, lots of trees and some of the larger leaf piles Halona ran through laughing as she kicked up the riot of fall colored leaves as she ran through them. The temperature was around 70 degrees farinheight. Halona looked over her shoulder at Steven Bernard with a smile, "Well what do you think? Ready for some breakfast or do you want to try a different path or something?"

The black and white man stood, sweat on his brow and streaking his outfit. He was pleasantly out of breath. Running behind Halona had been a treat. He had been tearing through the forest to keep up. He had felt like a tiger or some other feral beast, jumping from one platform to the next, being forced to find his footing quickly and go on. Blood had pumped in his ears and adrenaline in his veins, all the while guided by Halona's figure and the scent of her perfume.

"Let's go on another," he said, "that took what--all of 15 minutes? Let's go again!"

Halona laughed softly and pointed to the next path, "I haven't done it yet but I know there's a short climbing wall and some rope swing across parts. There might be more so be careful?"

She waited a beat then started forward at a light jog, she wasn't certain which or what type of obstacles they would encounter first.

Bernard gave her a second head-start to give some pleasant distance, then took off after her.

The path started like the first, but the trees started to thicken on either side, discouraging runners to go off course. As the path turned, the first obstacle appeared: 5 laid logs across the road at various clearances from the ground, allowing one to go under some but not others. The last was not a log, but a sheer plank wall, 6 feet high that must be vaulted.

Halona stumbled to a stop as she came to the front of the wall. She looked at it dubiously as she frowned slightly. This was a bit out of her current skill level on her own. Halona looked at Steven Bernard to see how he was going to tackle the obstacle.

Bernard stopped as he reached Halona. He smiled and made a basket with his hands: a foot hold. "Need a step?" he asked.

Halona looked at his clasped hands to the wall she gulped slightly, "Yeah sure thank you!" She lifted her right foot to place in his hands as she faced the wall she hoped quietly he didn't over boost and have her go too far past the top of the wall.

Bernard lifted Halona till her belt line was parallel to the top of the wall.

Halona gripped the top of the wall, she shot a wry grin down at Steven Bernard as she pulled her foot from his hands, "Thank you," she said before she carefully dropped over the other side and landed in a less than graceful crouch on the bottom of the wall. She waited for Steven Bernard to come over and down beside her.

Bernard reached up and put his hands on the top ledge of the wall and used his feet against it to help him ease the pull-up it took to get him over the wall. He jumped down and looked at Halona. "Last one to the next obstacle has to--" Kiss the other "--um surrender appropriate rations or some such equivalent." He took off down the path, hoping to disappear around the bend before Halona could check his white cheek turn pink from blushing.

The path opened up only to be broken by pond about an acre across, broken up by platforms and rope swings held up by tall wooden posts sticking up from the water.

Bernard made it there first. He raised his arms in a victory stance, trying to catch his breath. "Ha! Surrender appropriate rations!" He yelled.

The wall was a piece of cake compared to this Halona had a sinking feeling she was going to be going for a swim before too long, she hoped the water wasn't as cold as it looked.

Bernard noticed the trepidation on Halona's face. "You okay, Halona?" He asked, "We'll just swing across like Tarzan...You don't have to surrender any rations if that's what you're worried about."

Halona gave a short nervous laugh, "Not worried about the rations breakfast is on the picnic table after all." she nodded to the rope swings and rest before them. "More worried I will be taking an unplanned swim in the lake."

Bernard furrowed his eyebrows. "That doesn't count: Breakfast was promised. You lost. You must pay a penalty." Bernard grabbed a rope and took some steps back. He got a running start, and swung. He made it to the next platform. He turned to see if Halona would need catching...or rescuing if she fell into the water. The water is less than a meter deep. You just want to put your arms around her. "Shh," he thought, "She might need some help. Perhaps she is afraid of water."

Halona bit her lip and followed Steven Bernard's lead she couldn't keep the shriek to herself as she swung over the water though. She landed unsteadily on the edge of the platform and stumbled right into him, she grinned even as she blushed looking up at him. "Only rations I keep on me are small carmel squares or chocolate, coconut truffles, which do you prefer between the two?"

Bernard had wrapped his arms around Halona to keep them both from falling into the water. She smelled like flowers, and sweat. Which was pleasant together. The little cry she had made as she crossed the water was cute. He smiled down at her and realized she had asked him a question.

"Ooh," he said, "I claim the truffles. They are now mine forever." He pulled the rope to them and put it into her hands. He lifted her slightly, to mount the rope a bit higher and gave her a soft push, so that she swung across easily and perfectly the the shore on the other side of the pond.

On the other side of the pond, the path went on as if it were just a regular path in the forest. Until it was ended by a gray slab of rock, jutting from the ground at about 15-20 degrees less than straight up and down. There were hand holds carved into the rock, so it was no where near impossible, but they were going to feel this one. It was about 20 feet to the top, with a smooth 50 degree back to slide down on the other side.

Halona was already feeling the burn in her muscles from the rope swings of the previous obstacle. The sight of the inclined wall climb made her wince but she wasn't giving up just because she was already sore.

"Alright," Bernard said, looking at the climbing wall, he had rope burns on his hands. He wondered if his hands would cramp up gripping the holds. "I'll give you a head start," He made a basket with his fingers again, "but if I beat you to the top, you must reward me. Pick a something. If you beat me, I will pay a penalty."

Halona eyed him a moment and blushed softly as she spoke lightly, "Well I already gave you my rations all I have left is my origami skills, unless you would rather a kiss or something simple?"

She wants to kiss you! He smiled. "Yes, you will kiss me if I beat you to the top," he got nervous for a second, "Is that alright?"

"Only one way to find out." Halona said with a small smile, and held out her hand to him, "Good luck." she really wasn't sure she had it in her to climb quickly to win but she was going to try and do her best it was all she could promise herself at this point. If she lost she would be gracious about it and give him a kiss, besides it wasn't going to be a chore, he was a nice guy and honestly a kiss never killed anyone at least not that she knew of.

We're winning that kiss, he thought. He shook Halona's hand, like a good sport and even gave her a boost of about a meter onto the wall. He gripped the wall, then gripped the first set of holds. Each hand hold was now an enemy to be destroyed. He went as fast as he could, imagining lizards and spiders and how neither would have a problem climbing the wall. His hands cramped, but he forced them open again to grip the next hold until he felt the top of the wall. He gripped it and pulled himself up with both hands, until his hands pressed the wall below him as if he were pushing himself out of a swimming pool. He rolled onto the flat plane and onto his back. He lay gasping and then looked for Halona. Hopefully, he had beaten her.

Halona had comes as fast as she could given the boost from Steven Bernard had helped but once he got started climbing himself he was obviously more determined to win than she was or perhaps his muscles weren't as tired as here were either case she saw him pass her and reach the top a good distance ahead of her. She shook her head softly as she continued to climb up and when she saw his hand outstretched her way to help her up onto the top shelf of the wall she smiled up at him. Taking his hand and letting him help her the last little bit over the top. Halona sat on her knees catching her breath then grinned at him as she blushed, "Well you won this time," she got to her feet carefully and looking up at him, "Where do you want your kiss?"

They were both winded and out of breath. Bernard took put his arm around Halona's back and gently pulled her away from the climbing edge of the wall and into a close embrace. He put his opposite hand on the back of her neck, and smiled. Then he kissed her mouth, slowly and took his time. He took in all he could of the moment, and of the smell of her sweat and perfume, and the breeze in the holodeck. Then he released her, sliding his hand from the back of her neck to her hand.

"Right there," he said, answering her question from before. "Let's slide down and have breakfast, huh?" They did.

Halona laughed softly as they slid down the slide, still breathless and tingling from the kiss.

At the picnic, he found all of the food to be beyond delicious and complimented her copiously. Then, got quiet for a second. "Halona?" He asked.

Halona looked at his face, as she smiled, "Yes, Steven?"

"Do you want to keep seeing me, I mean romantically?"

Halona blinked and blushed, "Well I think taking it a day at a time and see where it goes is best but I have no problem in seeing more of you and getting to know you better."

I thought that she liked you, he thought. "Yes, I think she might but, she doesn't want to commit to me as a--" he thought back--"anything permenint or even steady. Perhaps, she just likes to kiss. Everybody likes to kiss. We've gone too quickly. We've pushed her too hard. We need to back off."

Of course, all of this went on silently and behind Bernard's two-tone face. All Halona saw was a small twitch in the corner of his eye and his smile falter, then come back on again at half-mast.

"Sure," he said, "sure. Are we still friends then? I'm sorry if the kiss was too much."

Halona looked at him and shook her head softly she smiled after a moment, "I have no problem with the kiss or getting to know you, Steven, I like you and your humor. I like how your manners go from spontaneous to gentlemanly. I don't know you enough to know if we're going to be more than friends yet but I'm more than willing to take the time to find out." She tilted her head as she regarded him her face flushing, "Is that okay with you?"

Steven swallowed. Then nodded and smiled. "Yes," he said. "I have a tendency to be impulsive and want too much too early. I see the kiss was not too much for you, but, rather, for me." You're rambling. You don't need to say anymore, He thought. In spite of his inner voice, he went on:"It would nice to get to know you more. In the spirit of this, I will tell you one secret about myself before I leave: I have no real parents. This knowledge has always made this hard for me to connect with others." He stood to go, but then turned to her: "Would you tell me something about yourself, Halona?"

Halona blinked at him as the revelation that he had no parents sunk in, his question of something about her that she didn't often share with others was another surprise, after a long moment as she pondered it she gave a sheepish smile, "Well I don't like crying in front of others, and I make random things from origami when I get nervous." She had made quite the bouquet of paper flowers before he arrived after all.

Bernard smiled. Internally, he wanted to kiss her again. And cry.

"Thank you, for sharing that with me." He picked up one of the flowers and put it in his pocket. "See you later," he said slowly and left the holodeck.

Halona sat there dumbfounded as he left, she wasn't certain if she had offended him or confused him. After a few moments of silence she picked up the remains of the picnic and asked the computer to end the program. She walked out of the black and yellow grid room quietly and headed out into the corridor....

Bernard, Steven J. ENS, Starfleet,

Halona Grayson YN1
Yeoman, Translation specialist


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