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First Lieutenant Chea Accusay (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War)

Name Chea Accusay (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War)

Position 2d Marine Special Operations Team Leader (2MSOT/TL)

Rank First Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bleddyn
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Grey fur
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taller than the average humanoid. Peircing blue eyes. Athletic build. Has the appearance of a humanoid earth husky. Hair as well as fur, which he keeps slightly spiky. Five finger humanoid hand. Stands on digitigrade feet.


Father LT Jay Accusay (deceased)
Mother Shea Accusay

Personality & Traits

General Overview Whereas in earth standards he'd be well into adulthood Chea has never really outgrown his youth. As such he is a firm believer in "If you can't have fun, why do it?"

This goes into every aspect of his life. Whether it is on duty or off. He reigns it in as much as he can but it's still there.
Strengths & Weaknesses He knows his job,and does it to the best of his ability. His sesnses are more accute, which lends itself into a role as a ascout. He is a fair shot, reasonably fit.

His form limits some of the missions he could be assigned. Also he has been known to scout out too far, with mixed results. Also he leaps before he looks sometimes.

He is an intelligent guy but don't ask him to do any engineering or science officer work.
Ambitions Serve the SFMC
Hobbies & Interests Loves the holodeck

Personal History Not much to tell about his early years. Born, grew up. School, chores. Trying to get along without a father as well. Cheys father died whilst in Starfleet service when he was the Earth equivalent of five years old, so he knew next to nothing about him save for what was in the personnel jacket.

His mother didn't speak about him much either. She deflected every question, attempting to shelter her son from ever leaving her. This only strengthened his resolve.

As such he dove head first into his father's file, learning both about him and Starfleet. He took his time to savor it over the years. Then one day on the eve of his 16th birthday, he was caught by his mother. Cards were on the table then.

After a strong conversation, a deal was struck. After a year he would be allowed to join up, provided he chose an officer role planetside somewhere. Not wanting another argument Chea relented, lying through his teeth.

He enlisted at 18. And the next 12 years he went where the SFMC sent him.

One tour Embassy Security, one on a training base. Recently he has had the desire for space duty
Service Record Security detachment, Federation embassy, Bajor

SFMC Base, Cait

Application sent for space duty