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Corporal James Robert, House of Rogath

Name James Robert, Son of Frank, House of Rogath

Position Gold Element Critical Skills Operator (4MSOT/CSO)

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Klingon
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Salt & Pepper
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Contrary to his half-Klingon heritage, James Robert, or JimBob as he prefers to be known, keeps his hair cut short, military style. He has a short and well-maintained beard, grown on his last deployment. He has begun to gray significantly, in both hair and beard. His face has begun to line with age. He has typical Klingon bone ridges on his face, but they aren't as pronounced as a pure-blooded Klingon's would be.

JimBob is tall and very physically fit. He has maintained peak physical conditioning his entire life due to the rigidity of both farm life, his Klingon heritage and his career path. He has several scars on his body from the numerous combat engagements he's been in, choosing to keep them as badges of honour.


Spouse T'Erella, daughter of Halag, House of Rogath (2344-2373)
Children Sally-Anne, daughter of James Robert, House of Rogath (2369- )
Felk, son of James Robert, House of Rogath (2371- )
Jacob, son of James Robert, House of Rogath (2371- )
Father Frank, son of Krel, House of Rogath (2319- )
Mother Ragesha, daughter of Mohar, House of Rogath (2317- )
Brother(s) Larg, son of Frank, House of Rogath (2344- )
Garth, son of Frank, House of Rogath (2346- )
Derell, son of Frank, House of Rogath (2347-2373)
Sister(s) Haliss, daughter of Frank, House of Goran (2343- )
Other Family House of Rogath comprises many individuals. He has aunts, uncles and cousins too numerous to count. He is close with all of them, except for Uncle Allen and Aunt Petunia, who have been exiled due to the theft of family heirlooms.

Personality & Traits

General Overview JimBob has an easy-going and friendly demeanour. Although he comes across as simple, this is really just because he tends to not allow things to get him down. He just always seems to be in a pleasant mood, whether it's over drinks with a friend or mowing down enemy troops in a firefight. He has a foul mouth most of the time.

He is also fiercely loyal and has a strong belief in personal honour.

Be warned: Although he rarely loses his temper, when he does, he is a terror to behold.
Strengths & Weaknesses JimBob is very physically strong. Although age has slightly slowed him down, he keeps in good physical condition. He was the House of Rogath wrestling champion for ten years running between 2362-2372, before relinquishing the title when the Federation-Klingon War broke out.

He has extensive combat training and is formidable with a wide assortment of weapons.

He lacks a deceptive bone in his body and is very easily fooled or tricked, as he trusts easily. He isn't the greatest critical thinker either, except in tactical battle situations.
Ambitions At this point in his life, JimBob considers most of his ambitions to have been fulfilled. He married the love of his life (even though he tragically lost her), has several wonderful children, has defeated many foes in battle and has earned the House of Rogath much honour.

Since joining the SFMC, he would eventually like to command a unit of his own, but this isn't a terribly high priority for him. Helping to make the galaxy a safer place is probably his only remaining pressing desire.
Hobbies & Interests JimBob enjoys working on the family farm during periods of leave. He plays a mean banjo and surprising to most, has a very pleasant singing voice.

He is a survivalist, as well, having been raised to live off the land if need be.

Personal History James Robert, son of Frank of the House of Rogath was born in 2341 to a farmer and his wife on their family farm just outside of Jericho, Arkansas. He was the first of five children and was named after his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, the progenitor of the hybrid part of House of Rogath. The original James Robert was a MACO soldier in Starfleet who helped defend a Klingon colony from invaders, winning great respect among the Klingons and won himself the heart of a daughter of the House of Rogath, and entry into that house.

Fast-forward roughly 170 years and we arrive at the new James Roberts' time. JimBob, as he became known among his family, was a dutiful child, always respectful of his parents, always honouring the family name. He spent his summers living among his mother's people, learning their ways, traveling among the stars with different House of Rogath warriors, and the rest of his time in school and being raised on the family farm.

Upon graduating high school, he joined his uncle's private security firm, RoSec, as he had developed a penchant for combat, but lacked the desire for the rigidity of the military. He performed well in the firm, so well that he began making a name for himself and eventually left the firm to freelance as a personal bodyguard.

It was during this time that he met his wife, T'Erella. She was a fierce warrior serving in the KDF who, despite feeling much affection for JimBob, made him fight several suitors for her hand in marriage. He triumphed and they were soon wed in a traditional Klingon ceremony on the farm in Arkansas.

Together, they had three children, a daughter and twin sons. It wasn't long after the boys were born, however, that tragedy struck. During the Federation-Klingon War, the family found itself in a precarious position. It was well-known on both sides that, although a minor house, House Rogath had hybrid, Klingon and human members, making it a potential liability and/or benefit to both sides.

Seeking to discredit the Federation and throw the situation into chaos, T'Erella was murdered on orders from a Changeling posing as a member of the Klingon High Command, the murder being made to look as if done by human hands. The war ended soon after the murder, so it was for naught, and the true culprits identified, but this was of no comfort to JimBob and his children.

He rejoined his uncle's firm after T'Erella's death, as they received several contracts to be stationed in worlds threatened by the Dominion and he felt the need to avenge her death. He saw some combat against the Jem'Hadar, to this day secreting they were the fiercest non-Klingons he had ever fought against.

Following the war, he retired to the farm, deciding to spend more time raising his children. There he stayed until, of all people, his daughter called him a petaQ and made him realize he was wasting his skills by "being the children's nursemaid". Proud of her and seeing much of her mother in her, JimBob agreed with her shaming and decided that the truest way to honour his wife's sacrifice was a life dedicated to fighting enemies and keeping his loved ones safe.

He enlisted in the Marines in 2383, becoming a Critical Skills Operator (CSO) in 2387, a role he currently serves in aboard the USS Hawaii.
Service Record 2383: Marine Recruit Training
2383-2384: 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, USS Nelson (Private)
2384-2385: 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, USS Nelson (Private First Class)
2385-2387: 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, USS Bonaventure (Lance Corporal)
2387: Marine Force Reconnaissance Training (Lance Corporal)
2387-2389: Critical Skills Operator, 2MSOT, USS Magellan (Corporal)
2389-Present: Critical Skills Operator, 4MSOT, USS Hawaii (Corporal)