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Ensign Edtoto Nar'Sivaro (Jan 2389-POW-TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY)

Name Edtoto Nar'Sivaro (Jan 2389-POW-TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY)

Position Recovered Prisoner of War (POW)

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vekimen
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 4'7
Weight 111lbs
Hair Color Black mane of quills
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Edtoto, is 4’7” tall, 111lbs, with a thin, almost frail looking build. While her dimensions may seem cute, the rest of her is not. Thick, black scales along the outside of her body, covering delicate white snakeskin like flesh. Along the front of her stomach are thick grey bone plates, that get thinner as they cover only her breastbone.

Her head is that of a lizard's, but thin and long rather than flat and stout. Her muzzle is filled with sharp teeth that in some cases give her a snaggletoothed appearance. The sides of her face are white, while along the top of her muzzle, and spreading out from her forehead consists of the thicker, black scales before it turns into a mane of quills that surround her head.

The quills flow down her spine, and along the top of her tail, which is as long as she is tall. The tail's thick base gradually tapers down, and it is often coiled up and out of the way. Her legs are the strongest part of her by appearance, the backwards knee legs ending in long, raptor-like talons. She has a natural barbaric look that hides the vast intelligence that her simple, yellow slitted eyes fail to convey.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Edtoto is a woman who is most accurately described as “Too smart for her own good.” She is jittery, cheerful, but something of an involuntary recluse, given she has a difficult time realizing when people want her to stop talking and aren’t interested in what she has to say. She also has a habit of building things nobody asks her to build and trying to bring them up in situations that aren’t appropriate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Edtoto is too smart for her own good, and this comes out in many ways. Most importantly, she doesn’t understand the idea that just because she has a good idea, doesn’t mean other people will think it’s a good idea, and it certainly doesn’t mean people want her to go around scavenging anything and everything she can to build whatever project she has started on.

She also doesn’t understand Time and Place situations. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, how serious the situation is, or how many people could die if things don’t go perfectly, if she has an idea or a project that would help in that situation, she will make everyone aware she can help and will be positively ecstatic to have the opportunity to be able to help!

Edtoto, because what makes her so smart is the strange way to which she thinks, will explain things in ways that, if someone were to try and follow her and understand what she was saying, more often than not they will be even further from having the correct answer than before they asked her. It also, often, doesn’t follow any sense of logic or order. It makes sense to her, and if it makes sense to her, it should make sense to you. If it doesn’t she will often think you are the problem.

Because of her single tracked mind, she finds it very difficult to be social. She loves talking to people and spending time with each other. So much so, that being alone can cause her intense bouts of depression, being used to a far more intimate form of society than one would find in the Federation or Starfleet.

These bouts of depression, she often fixes with working on projects, hoping the next one she makes will make people like her, which often throws her into a vicious cycle that only gets worse. When those who feel bad for her try and talk to her, often she will immediately start rambling on excitedly about some project or problem she was working on, with no immediate sense of progression, confusing them until they give up and leave.

Edtoto is also terrible at moral support and has a bedside manner that leaves something to be desired. She sees everything in life as problems that can be solved, and if someone needs an emotional person to vent to, she will often focus her attention on solving the problems, than being that ear to listen. It gets worse, as if she thinks she can solve the problem, she will try to solve the problem, bluntly, and without any form of subtlety, which also causes her social issues, as no one wants to talk to someone about personal problems, for fear that she will try and fix them herself.

Her intelligence, while being her greatest weakness, is also her greatest strength. Everything that makes her a pain in the rear to deal with and be around can come through in a pinch and get people out of a difficult situation. Her intelligence, ability to process and store raw information, and work it through in her head, and her attention to detail give her the ability to do things that many would have difficulties doing even with computer assistance. Programming, micro adjustments to systems, handling caustic and dangerous materials, and even jerry-rigging equipment in a jam are things she is perfectly capable of doing.

She is also dedicated to her work. If you give her a problem or tell her to build something or any number of other tasks that utilize her intelligence, you can be confident it will get done. She will not stop until the project is complete, and completed to at least her standards of quality. How she got from point A to point B may not be straightforward, but she did it, and she did and can do it in a surprising amount of time.

She can listen. She can listen very well when she actively does so. She can, in fact, often repeat things you told her, exactly how you said it, in your own voice. She can retain the information you give her, to a fault. She will learn for as long as someone is willing to teach, and is okay with being asked lots of questions.
Ambitions Edtoto has a single desire. To learn as much about the physical world and how it rules matter, utilizing this information to advance technology as far as it can be advanced. While fame and fortune are not on her mind, she does in a way want acknowledgement from her peers for the work she does, and she will dive into her work with the primary hope of advancing technology, but also, having her work noticed.
Hobbies & Interests Edtoto likes building things and likes learning how things work. Other than what hobbies would be obvious for her, such as building things, solving problems, and learning how to better advance herself, she has a strange fascination with the social and practical relationship between various different people and clothing, coming from a species that doesn’t wear clothes unless it’s absolutely required.

Personal History Edtoto was born into the Military structure of the Ikate Keda society, and as most of her kind, was pulled into military training and schooling, coupled with the mandatory religious training she was never really interested in. She completed it, however, before heading into advanced mechanics and engineering, joining the Research and Development sector. Her hang up was that the Vekimen and the Ikate Keda have their preferences, and those preferences are simplistic, easy to build and maintain, and hard to break. They prefer ballistic weapons, and she wanted to broaden her experience and knowledge.

When she was informed of her ability to join the Federation's Starfleet, she dove into the prospect headfirst. First, she took the Ikate Keda courses which were required before they would allow her to move forward to even have contact with the Federation. When she was accepted, she applied herself to learn everything the Federation had to offer to her, until she graduated as an Ensign, and was stationed on the USS Hawaii.
Service Record Ikate Keda Military Engineering, Research and Development: ~20 years from the beginning of training to transfer
Federation Starfleet Academy, Specialization in Engineering: ~4 years
USS Wyoming: Current Placement
POW by Gorn