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Lieutenant Junior Grade Gidassa Thomas (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR to Bre'el Dip. Msn.)

Name Gidassa Thomas (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR to Bre'el Dip. Msn.)

Position Chief Intelligence Officer (INT)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Gidassa is rather tall and willowy, with some of her curves lost to this thinness. While desirable in some cultures, this is considered an undesirable trait for Orion women, who are expected (stereotyped) to be curvy and sensual. She has red hair, which is a little less common than black or chocolate brown of her race.

She has a ready smile, but it often times seems impish and can leave people a little ill at ease, wondering what she might be thinking.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Shiavaa
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) 2 Orion sisters she barely remembers.
Emma Thomas (human, but like a sister)
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gidassa is generally upbeat and outgoing, at least in Starfleet terms. On Orion, she'd be considered rather shy and standoffish. Such is the way of the galaxy. She is easy to get to know generally, a good conversationalist most of the time, and curious about just about everything.

Her moods do change rather rapidly, from happy, to angry and right back to happy again, especially when something she is working on isn't cooperating. Her personnel file lists this as one of her major officer weaknesses - her struggles to control her emotions and not everyone know exactly how she's feeling. Even if they're in the next room.

She delights in being in the know about everyone's personal relationships, though she is curiously closed-mouthed when it comes to giving out information. She's actually a good confidant in that sense, which showed up on her Starfleet personality assessment. Had she not ranked so high on the Star Fleet testing for engineering & mechanical aptitude, she might have been guided into Counseling.

She does have a bad habit of continuing to think about problems when off-duty, and may start thinking out-loud at weird or not-quite appropriate times. Once her brain starts realizing a solution, she generally can't change course until she completes her train of thought, right up to going back on duty to fix something.

Raised initially as a slave girl, she has a very open-minded view of personal relationships including physical ones. She's learned to sideline that somewhat because of going to the Academy and being trained in what is expected of an officer. Like some other races, aptitude tests are given to Orions when they're young. While she was given the basics, she was deemed unfit as a pleasure slave. This is why her schooling included the necessary math and science for her to fill other roles successfully.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Great with Math and Engineering.
+Has to see a problem through.
+Good listener.
+Good at keeping private information private.

-Can be obsessive about completing a problem, leading to awkward situations.
-Struggles to keep her emotions in check.
-Sometimes struggles to keep her sexuality under control; she can be rather fickle. She doesn't always remember immediately that others may not be.
Ambitions Chief Engineer on a large starship.
Children, someday. Maybe.
Teaching at the Academy (she won't admit this).
To grow past her tendency to be fickle. A classmate once told her to 'just grow up!', which she did feel rather insulted by. She's trying to follow the advice, with mixed results.
Hobbies & Interests Dance. While she essentially flunked Seduction, she still loves to dance, whether that's performing, with friends, or just by herself. She uses it to relax off-duty.
Fish. Some idiot introduced her to these colorful little fish on Earth. She's been breeding them ever since.
Plants. She keeps a number of plants in her quarters, especially in with her fish. She specializes in breeding green strains of the fish - surprised?

Personal History Gidassa was born in an area controlled by an Orion Syndicate, to a slave woman named Shiavaa. Despite popular lore, all Orion slaves don't serve the same purpose. They get similar training when young, but only those with the right temperament become the well-known Orion Animal Women.

Others wind up in, shall we say, less colorful occupations, ranging from cooks to teachers. They are still bought and sold, but not nearly as much fuss is made over it. Call it job security of a sort, and the way it all works is definitely complicated.

Gidassa's particular talents were in math, science and engineering, and she was shuffled in that direction (after training) as a tutor. If she did well at that, she would likely have moved into a higher teaching role.

As Fate and Finances would have it, she got sold before being promoted a couple of times, winding up with a minor Syndicate, who didn't follow the Codes closely - one being not selling slaves as something that they're not. It might give the Orions a bad name. Nonetheless, she wound up with a human master for a short while, then another, and shortly after that yet a third. None of these was a particularly good fit (in her opinion) as she wasn't doing what she was best at. Not that trolls she was working for seemed to mind.

It was after being with that third master a couple of months that he got himself into a card game, involving a lot of (real) alcohol, and quite a bit of cash. The game was attended by several would-be Star Fleet cadets, including Emma Thomas. Drunk, and cleaned out of needed cash, her previous master put Gidassa up as a winner-takes-all bid. Too drunk to see straight, much less think, Emma called his bet.

Emma awoke to a splitting headache, an alarm blaring so she could get ready to go take her entrance exam, and Gidassa calling her "mistress". Not sure what else to do, she dragged her new "property" along, and desperate for a reason why she did, she told the officers that Gidassa was to be tested also. While this caused some consternation, Emma was very convincing and talked them into it.

What Emma hadn't expected, was for her new slave to score very high marks for Math, Science and Engineering. Gidassa was accepted as a cadet, and Emma quietly dissolved their 'relationship' as owner/slave. Gidassa started Academy at the relatively late age of 22, and went through a good deal of counseling and "retraining" to acclimate herself to her new role as a free being. Her legal status had the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office having kittens, and more than one "chat" with Cadet Emma Thomas about the whole affair before it was straightened out.

Gidassa was a fresh-faced ensign on her first ship assignment. Because of her history, it was decided that the USS Hope might have been an excellent duty, given that her past still leaves her with some... issues.

Graduated in top 10% of her class academically.
Service Record She was reprimanded on two occasions (at the Academy) for fraternization. Her records show that she underwent extensive counseling & additional training to overcome this, and is considered fit for ship duty. She has not had any incidents since graduating, has had excellent reports, but has been slow to actually get promoted.

Her records do note that she is considered a wild card - very talented, but Command is unsure whether her personality will allow her to advance to a position equal to her talents. Maybe she just needs the right commander to take a chance on her.

She is currently Lieutenant Junior Grade. She has served on several ships since graduating 4 years ago.