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Lieutenant Junior Grade Sebastien Robie, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR Before Reporting)

Name Sebastien Robie, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR Before Reporting)

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kerelian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color Brown-Shoulder Length
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean and well built, Sebastien has an engaging personality and a warm smile. He dresses neatly when on duty; off duty, he dresses to suit whatever activity he's engaged in at the moment. If Sebastien is awake, he's probably doing something. His hair is shoulder-length and wavy framing an oval face with blue eyes that sparkle with intelligence and humor. He has a scar on his left cheek, a testament to a boyhood adventure gone wrong.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Giskard Robie
Mother Eugenie Robie
Brother(s) Rayan: Starfleet Security
Yanis: Architect, Kerelia
Basile: Scientist, Sonic Sciences, Kerelia
Kais: Starfleet Security
Nael: Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Kerelia
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various uncles, aunt, cousin, nieces and nephews. Big family - some would say, larger than life.

Personality & Traits

General Overview -Light sleeper. Sebastien calls it a survival trait. Growing up with five brothers, all of whom shared a love of pranks, meant that sleeping too soundly at his house led to trouble. His youngest brother, Nael, once woke up covered in small snakes. His oldest brother Rayan woke up covered in flour. He himself woke up with whipped cream in his hair. So, light sleeper.
-Loves to try new things. Its a thing with his brothers. Though separated now by work and distance, they all love to try new sports, the more extreme the better. And, of course, if one tries it, the others won't be far behind.
-Active and energetic.
-Compassionate and caring.
-Altruistic - Will put the needs of others ahead of his own especially in a medical situation.
-Somewhat mischievous - still loves playing pranks of his brothers when he gets the chance though they all agreed long ago that it was best to limit that activity to themselves (after having been punished for pranking their grandparents). Clearly, some people just don't understand.
-Misses the camaraderie he knew as a child. His decision to pursue a career in Starfleet sent him off-world and away from the friendships of his youth. He is social, generally always interested in meeting people and getting to know them, and mostly willing to lend a hand.
-Slow to wake up. For all that he wakes up quickly, that doesn't mean he wakes up to his usual, genial self. Mostly everyone knows that he's pretty much non-verbal before his first cup of coffee (or tea when he was a child). He says that coffee was the only reason he survived his internship and residency.

Telepathic Rating: Empathic within his own species (especially with his brothers)
Handedness: Ambidexterous
Martial Arts: Kerelian and Mok'bara
Student of body language and of language in general (Fluent in Kerelian and Federation Standard, Vulcan and Klingon. He and his brothers learned bits and pieces of other languages and fitted them together into their own language - mostly the colorful bits.

Note: The Kerelian language is based in the unique physiology of the people and has 43 consonants, 13 vowels, and 17 diphthongs. There are five grammatical genders and sixteen tones as well as a tone that combines existing tones by using both sets of vocal chords. Because of the intricacies of the language, Kerelian is considered impossible for most races to speak.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Loyal, caring, altruistic, good listener, can be a better friend
- Adventurous and curious - always ready to try something new
- Knows martial arts, can defend himself if needed
- Good sense of humor

- Coffee. Probably bordering on addiction. It's one of those things he just can't live without for long. In a pinch, he'll substitute tea.
- Mysteries. Much like the rest of his brothers, he can't resist a good mystery. He is nearly always either reading one or participating in a holodeck mystery.
- Tends to go longer than he should - unable to leave work undone. Shifts are more a suggestion than a fact for him.

- Sitting still for long periods of time. Great thing about doctors, rounds are done while you're walking
- Meals that move on their own

-No degenerative hearing loss
-Larger than normal heart and lungs (low pressure/low oxygen environment on his native world)
-Additional organ (Ebra) augments production of red blood cells
-Needs both kidneys and lungs to survive
-4-lobed brain with additional area, unique to Kerelians, the Euadin, that serves to backup memory for the other lobes. In case of injury, memory is stored in the Euadin and can be retrieved later on
-Can't be read by telepaths (4-lobed brain)
-Unique auditory system (minimizes noise and distortion, gives an accurate frequency response); can hear sounds eight times fainter than a human
Ambitions Sebastien wants to see what's out there and to help as many people as he can in the process. One day, when all the adventures are done, he'll probably return to his home world but not today. Definitely not today.
Hobbies & Interests - Geskana (similar to LaCrosse but with smaller goals)
- LaCrosse (easier to learn than to try to get LaCrosse players to switch)
- Swimming/Diving
- Rock climbing (together with his brothers, Sebastien climbed Mt. Aujin)
- Singing - especially acapella
- Holodeck adventures (loves mysteries and horror stories)
- Reading

Personal History Sebastien, or "Bas" as he is known at home, gained notoriety on the day of his birth, being one of the locally famous Robie sextuplets. Kerelian females are only fertile twice in their lives. His parents were tested and certified by the government, as being competent and capable of rearing children, and while multiple births are usual, six at one time is a rarity. When his mother became fertile for the second time, the family had a long discussion and as a result, she chose not to get pregnant again.

The boys were inseparable growing up and shared an oversized bedroom throughout their entire childhood. By Kerelian custom, parents 'trade' children for two months out of the year. This proved to be a difficult transition which only grew easier as the boys aged.

For Sebastien, childhood was one long adventure. His father would bring home books and music from other worlds. The comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan became instant favorites as did the books about Earth's pirates. The boys built ramshackle rafts and fought each other in mock sea battles that ended when one of the rafts was overturned. The books about Klingon culture led to an interest in Mok'bara. He began training in Mok'bara while continuing to train in Kerelian martial arts. The hard part for the boys was figuring out how to make their own bat'leths.

It seemed as though his childhood was full, literally full, of things to do, explore, see and it suited him. In the two months of each year that he spent with other families, as prescribed by Kerelian tradition, Sebastien began to think about what his future would look like. He found it hard to imagine at first but over time, he worked it out. There was a long tradition of service in his family - mostly to Kerelia but there were those among his extended family tree who sought service in Starfleet.

Although he had studied martial arts, he knew that he wasn't intended to be a warrior. He wanted to heal not hurt. The party his brothers threw on the night before he left for Starfleet was legendary.
Service Record - Received his medical degree at university on Kerelia.
- Entered Starfleet Medical Academy. Graduated with distinction.
- Promoted to Ensign.